When & How do I I receive my Images? What Happens after the Shoot?

Please click on my “Process” tab to answer these questions.

How long is the photo shoot?

Our portrait experience will go off what package you have chosen… However, I do allow a little more time if i feel i need more shots (if i have time)

When is the best time for Pregnancy Portraits? 

Single Pregnancy 32-38weeks
Multiple Pregnancies’ 26-30weeks

What age is the best time for Newborn Portraits?

The first 2 weeks is ideal as they are more sleepy.

Does DIP shoot on location & home photo sessions?

Yes, please contact for more info.

What if we are sick?

If you’re sick, we reschedule! Simple as that. Working with children I have come to expect that last minute texts or calls will occasionally happen. We want this to be a 1000% positive experience, so there’s no need to force it if anyone is unwell.

Do you have props?

Yes I have some beanies, knitted items, rugs and backdrops.

What if my kids misbehave?

not gonna lie it will likely happen and it certainly isnt the first time and wont be the last, i will try all my best efforts to pull them back in but if they need a cuddle that is ok too (these make for great photos)

What if someone gets sick?

We reschedule, you don’t loose your sitting fee we just move the shoot to a more suitable day…sames goes with myself or if my cherubs fall unwell.

Is there payment plans available?

Yes,  please note images are not edited until full payment has been made.

Birthing questions?

Please PM as I have a separate flyer for this topic.

Do you offer whole galleries to purchase?

Yes, I will email you a quote once your gallery has been sent for the option to upgrade.

Can we bring our pet?

Absolutely! Fur babies are most welcome. If you bring your pup along, make sure they get some brisk exercise before coming. This will allow for a (hopefully) slightly calmer canine during your shoot and some treats and a lead.

What if the weather isn’t on our side?

If it is wet and soggy, we will reschedule. If it is hot, we will find some shade. If it is overcast but dry, we will go ahead as some of my favourite sessions have taken place on cloudy day