Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences that a female can go through. Don’t loose this feeling of love you have for your belly & baby. Capture this memory and treasure it for a lifetime with Diamond Images Photography.  

Newborn Photography

Being pregnant and having babies comes some of the most delicate and valued moments in life. Seeing his/hers soft little hands & feet for the first time, that chubby gummy smile, those cheeky roles & tiny lips. All these beautiful features are one in a lifetime, you will want to freeze this moment with Diamond…

Family Portraits

Time fly’s when your having fun. Before you know it, the children are mid way through their schooling and your walls are missing those beautiful smiles that have grown bigger and brighter over the years. Life is to precious and every moment should be lived in and photographed. Please visit my facebook page for more…

Turning One

Turning One Portraits   Your precious bundle has changed so much in 12months and is now moving into their next milestone…Toddlerhood! Capture their little tuffs of hair, little (or no) teeth and all the other adorable little features that you have loved since day one with a cake smash, milk bath, spaghetti bowl or anything…

Children Photography

Ten little toes, ten little fingers, two gorgeous eyes and one button nose. Children aged 1 and Up


This gallery is for all sorts of misc photography that I have been involved in, Sports, Fitness, Products, Brands, Staff Photos, Animals